Beyond the Stained Glass



Iron Behind the Velvet is not a finished story. 


Volumes 1 and 2 are complete. Chapters to be posted asap.

Volume 3 is still in progress. 


Iron Behind the Velvet does reference stories that precede it in the arc, so it’s best enjoyed if you’ve read the earlier ones. All subsequent stories in this arc are flash forwards from Iron/Velvet but don’t really depend on its story line. If you’d rather not begin an in-progress story, you can skip on to Everything Is Waiting For You without having read any of Iron/Velvet, though, in the long run, Iron/Velvet will have offered up hints of the stories after it – those written already and those to come.

The first 78 chapters of this story were once published on my old Blogger site but have been “in edit” for “a bit”, LOL, while the world conspired to keep it on a back burner. Earlier readers might notice a few changes to the details of the storyline. There have been, will be, both expansion and reduction in wordiness. Commas will go in, come out, and go in again. 

Please read my journal post on this story’s return HERE. 


*** Adult Content Note *** 


Intimate moments between Vincent and Catherine appear with some regularity throughout this story, their ratings varying from mild to very gauzy. If you’d rather skip such content, as you read, you should be able to anticipate said moments by the, ummm, rising action. 🙂 If a chapter is all or mostly steamy, I’ll note that on the chapter’s page, just under the title.



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posted chapters in brown text





posted chapters in brown text





  1. are all the volumes complete if not when please thank you

    • Thanks for asking, Kim. But as I said in the intro above, only Volumes 1 and 2 are finished. I’m posting those chapters as I re-edit them. Volume 3 is still only in my head.

      As to when it will be finished … I can’t say anything other than as real life and my other BatB projects allow. This is a big project, one that means a lot to me.

      I understand waiting on me to finish might try your patience. Probably best not to start this one for a (long) while.

      Doing my best, I promise.

      Carole W

  2. What a great story!!! I’m dying for more chapters. Thank you for all your stories!

    • Lois, thank you! Thank you for visiting, thsnk you for reading, and thank you for letting me know you’ve enjoyed the stories here! It makes such a difference – I’m encouraged to keep after the writing.

      I do hope you’ll check back often for upcoming chapters. I’ll probably try your patience, but I’ll get the next ones up asap. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, visit this year’s Winterfest Online – and all the past WFOLS – for so many BatB treats.

      Follow the candles to begin the opening ceremony festivities or just click on the Winterfest logo to go straight to the Great Hall.

      Thank you again for your kind words. You have made my day!

      My best,

  3. volume 2 is not down loadable

    • Thanks for visiting. The chapters in Volume 2 have not been posted yet. I’m editing and posting chapters when I am satisfied with them, and they’ll appear one by one. The chapter titles will appear in bold type when they’re posted and will be linkable from this table of contents.

      I know it’s taking a while to get the story out, but this year real life has really taken a chink out of my writing time. However Chapter 37 will be going up in the very near future!

      My best (and I’m really trying!)


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