Iron Velvet, Chapter 34, at last!

Author’s Note

This one took a while!

I’ve said that before, though, haven’t I?


This time it wasn’t just me bogged down in over-tweaking. We got a new puppy! And he needs a good bit of watching after. He’s the most enthusiastic-about-life bundle of adorable-ness ever. Consequently, I’ve been a little distracted – there’s not be a lot of time to sit and ponder and, yes, over-tweak.

It’s up now though!

This chapter introduces a new character to the story. I was inspired to bring him in after discovering a street performer and artist on YouTube. I was mesmerized and “Billy’s Story” was born, full-blown, in my mind.

You really should watch video I’ll link here before you read the chapter. (It’s short.) You’ll better understand the art that I couldn’t possibly manage in narrative.


Ad for Visa – Bill Shannon


Also, this chapter marks quite an anniversary. It first appeared on my old blog quite a while ago. (I don’t even want to tell you how long!) There, I found a comment from the BatB fanfic author Crowmama who actually knows this artist! That message opened the door to a cherished, real-life friendship.

The take-away? Leave comments, find friendships, find family!




And now … on to CHAPTER 34.

Thank you for  visiting!


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