celebrations (other than Winterfest), seasonal and special moments

Stained Glass

original works, BATB themed or inspired

Wallpapers …

Beyond the graphics created specifically for the Great Hall of WFOL, I’ve made several seasonal and anniversary wallpapers. Many of these were main page decorations at my original Imagine That site. Clicking on each image will fully display it.

You’re welcome to download these to use on your desktop. They’re designed for widescreen monitors.   

Catherine and Vincent in the same pose as the night V walked C back to her apartment after her recovery, but this time they're smiling! Text reads: April 12th. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. (Kahlil Gibran)

Photoshops and Montages …

These are smaller than wallpaper-sized graphics, ranging in theme – seasonal to just-because. Plus, I’ve managed a few shirtless Vincents. A new window will open to that gallery when you click on the dressing room image. 😀   

Vincent holding a lantern before him. Text reads: Searching for Treasure Hunters
a nighttime image of the tunnel entrance with the high rises of NYC behind it. The entrance is decked out in Christmas lights and there's a decorated tree nearby. Text reads: All is Calm and Below is Bright.


shirtless in the tunnels


Vincent untying his tunic top


Catherine and Vincent … together


Vincent untying his tunic top

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Stained Glass …

SandyX and I took a glass class together a few years ago. I’m hooked! It’s so much fun. I’m still a beginner, but I’ve finished a few BatB-inspired projects that I’ll share here. Hopefully, I’ll be adding to the gallery soon.

Drawings …

I’ve always said I can’t draw, but the truth is … I’ve never tried, and so, as Catherine put it, I don’t really know what my limits are. Why not start with a Vincent portrait, I challenged myself, and post it for Winterfest? I gave it a brave go, submitting the results to The Ways Change – Outside Your Comfort Zone project of 2017 to, ummm, mixed reviews. Afterward, I bought a how-to book and started in on the lessons. (My snail and my parrot were pretty good!) I haven’t yet produced another Vincent and haven’t even attempted a Catherine, but I did give Father a try for WFOL 2018.

I’ll share my most passable tries here. Doing so is a prime example of ‘facing one’s fears’ – believe me, my fears are large! And loud! But I know these tunnels are a safe haven for my dreams, and I have to believe anything is possible.

First Vincent
Second Vincent
First Father
Third drawing of Vincent
A drawing of Mouse ... younger