Original Poetry …


Two poems relate to a specific chapter of Iron Behind the Velvet, but I think both can stand on their own. A third is a Winterfest Welcome, originally appearing as part of 2012’s opening ceremonies, text to the video created by SandyX (videoam1ture). Another is just a Christmasy moment, a détournement – a diversion – with thanks (perhaps apologies?) to Robert Frost.

Have you participated in the WFOL daily challenges? The suggested poetic structures really are challenging! I would never describe myself as much of a poet, but recently I took a look back at several years of submissions and found quite a few. I’ll post them here with some explanatory introduction. 

Winterfest Online Poem of the Day Projects …


While the words belong to others – to many classic and modern poets – the themes, poetry selections, and graphic presentations are my work.

The WFOL Poems of the Day were read aloud and recorded by several of our fandom family members for Winterfest, and you can still hear them. To experience the original projects, just visit the WFOL archives at batbtv.com and click through to the The Library from each year’s Great Hall.

Bottled Poetry is half a poetry project/half an illustrated story, a submission to WFOL 2017. I’ve collected a few more bottles to add to the narrative since, so it’s a to-be-continued tale as well. 🙂

Readings …


These are poems and essays recorded for different Winterfests, either as a Poem of the Day or as a contribution to the Listening Chamber.

Remember, if you should play the recordings, I don’t have an accent … you do! 🙂