Vincent in his chamber untying the leather laces of his shirt

LOVE … because of it



You may have discovered this image in Vincent’s Chamber at WFOL this week.

It is, as well, part of the series Love, Because of It.

The Love, Because of It pages illustrate Vincent and Catherine’s more intimate time together, measured in a romantic (gauzy but not overly graphic) way, accompanied by a favored poem.

More in that series can be found HERE.

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by John O’Donohue

from To Bless the Space Between Us
~ A book of Blessings ~

When you love,
May you feel the joy
Of your heart coming alive
As your lover’s gaze
Lands on your eyes
Holding them,
Like the weight of a kiss,

May the words of love
Reach you and fluster
Your held self,
The way a silhouette of breeze
Excites a meadow.

When you are touched,
May it be the gentleness
You desire,
Your lover’s hands sending
Each caress deep into your skin
Like a discovering glance.

May slow sequences
Of kisses discover
Your secret echoes.

May your desire flow free
And never be fettered
By the thorn-chains
Of old guilt
Or crippled touch.

May you feel
How your soul loves
When your skin glows,
And your eyes darken
When promise ripens.

In the gaze of your lover,
May you see clearer
In the mirror
Of your own being.

May the silences
Be spaces where you
Can gather swiftly,
At ease with all
The subtle complexity.

May you be able to listen
To your lover’s heartbeat
And thing only of the joy
You can awaken.

May you be able
Tolet yourself fall
Into the ocean rhythm,
Unfolding ever more
Until you become
One crest of wave,
Rising into wild foam

whose beauty will show
In the graceful sweep
Of its home-breaking.


Vincent and Catherine together on a sofa, the golden light of candles shining through a window beside them. Catherine's head is on Vincent's bare shoulder. He's turned to her, his lips against her forehead.




  1. Carole, I wrote you that your wallpapers have their own magic…I really lack words to describe what you create, it has its own meaning, the background colors, everything…beauty and love beats from it…. And such inner harmony and peace…

    • You’re so good to me, Paula. Thank you!!!

  2. these are beautiful

    • Thank you, Ingrid!! 😀


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