Things I Keep


Some BatB Treasures

treasures I keep close on my desk

Things I Keep

Some BatB Treasures


 Thank you for coming by for a visit.

I had a bit of a hard time photographing some of my keepsakes because … dust!

So much dust. I was limited to photographing mostly vertical surfaces. 

After Winterfest I vow to do some spring cleaning around here. 🙂

NYC snow globe
The famous C and V NYC subway poster
a concrete statue of an angel lion

NYC snow globe    The Subway Poster   A cement angel-lion sculpture

One of my bulletin boards with arty and sentimental BatB things
one of my cluttered bulletin boards - lots of BatB arty things

Bulletin boards of BatB art and sentimental treasures (yes, that’s a Walking Dead Zombie)

Diorama of Vincent's chamber
inside the cover of the diorama - Vincent's desk and candelabra
inside the diorama - a backdrop photograph of Vincent's chamber
the decoupaged outside of the diorama: words torn from books, images of roses

The diorama my daughter made for me – Inside Vincent’s Chamber. 


  1. I didn’t realize your daughter made that! That’s so sweet!! <3 You're work space is fantastic! 🙂

    • She’s such a supporter of all things BatB! I was really thrilled with her creation. Hugs for stopping by this morning.

  2. I love all your Beauty and The Beast collection. It brings such comfort and beauty. 🙂 😊
    💖 Hugs, Tweetie

    • Thank you, Tweetie! I’m so glad you came by today. Hugs!

  3. Beautiful, Carole. I love the idea of a bulletin board! It makes it easy to rearrange things. I never thought of doing that. My love of doing wall arrangements didn’t really bloom until they invented Command strips because of the problems involved with making holes with nails. Even if I got everything right and 100% even on the first try, it still didn’t really work because I like to change things around now and then just for fun and interest.


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