A portrait of Father in a pensive pose

Father’s Closing Message – 2014

9 February, 2014


We end our celebration with touch – the touch of another’s hand. Your hand in mine, mine in yours … we are connected, restored, inspired.

I don’t want to let go.

I am so grateful for our time together, for the magical hours away from the world. For the light that allows us to see the different colors of our spirits, to hear the different colors of our voices. The light you bring.

Soon the laughter will fade from this grand chamber; the music will still to its echo. The candles will be snuffed out and darkness will fall. You will have left me once again, but I am not alone.

Nor are you.

Knowing binds us. The circle of love unites us.

We need only hold faithful to this dream, our dream, our beautiful, enduring dream. 

Now we raise our hands, and I gaze face to face to face. We must soon part … but my heart keeps its imprint of you.

May you leave this hall expectant of wonder and new discovery. May you return to your life above with a freed joy, a more generous heart, a deeper, sweeter well of courage. May you always remember the way home to the place that belongs to us.

Until we meet again,




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