A portrait of Father in a pensive pose

Father’s Closing Message – 2012

12 February, 2012


Long ago, we began a dream – a world, comprised of many hearts gathering here, Below, once a year. We come together for such a short time. Every minute is precious.

Show me. Tell me. Remind me. How wonderful it has been to hear your stories, to share your joys, to halve your sorrows. But now the celebration is over. I shake my head. It all went by so quickly and now we must leave this place, return to our homes, our daily lives. Soon everyone will be far away.

How I will miss you, but I won’t make it difficult for you to leave. Go. When you struggle, feel my belief in you. When you triumph, hear my cheering shout. That is my hand on your shoulder, no matter the distance between us.

How far can this love travel, you ask? Is there a limit to our bond? We are real both within and without these stone walls. We’re not constricted by them – rather, when we soar up and out, we each carry the other to the mountains, to the sea. But know this. Know this above all else. You are never … ever … apart from this circle.

Promise me.

Remember each other. Seek each other out. Be trustworthy. When you let go of my hand, take up another’s. Share what you know. Shine your light on the roads others walk along. And may those roads lead you swiftly, safely – always – back … to us.

Until next year,




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