A portrait of Father in a pensive pose

Father’s Closing Message – 2010

14 February, 2010


My dear friends,

What a celebration this has been! A kaleidoscope of talents and interests, laughter and conversation, remembrance and dreams. I look into the eyes of new friends and old and cherish this moment, bittersweet though it is. Our family grows larger… and stronger. Our bond deepens. It has no match, no definition, but simply is.

To our friends and helpers… thank you. Thank you for remembering us, for sharing your lives and gifts with us. When you leave tonight, know that you take with you our love and appreciation. Know this as well… in these tunnels there is a chamber ready for you, bright with candles, whenever you need respite from the hurried world above.

As we gather in this circle, our last for this year, let us rejoice in the triumph of the light over darkness. Let this light spill from us and be a ray of hope to others. Let us carry the spirit of Winterfest forward, a touchstone warm with the joy of time spent with friends… from which we can draw courage when the inevitable difficult moments assault us.

Step closer now. Join the circle. We greet the coming year with our raised, clasped hands, with our eager voices, our open hearts. And remember… there is no darkness… no darkness… so long as we share the light.



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