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Winterfest Daily Challenges


is a traditional Japanese three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5-7-5 syllable count.


The Carousel

Neigh, calliope.
Black horse, brown horse, elephant,
Whirling, grab the ring.

* * *

An episode: Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Cold stars, night shadows
A too-still form in my arms
Hope jolts both our hearts

* * *

Vincent in the Crystal Cavern

Dancing light – white fire,
blue ice. Myself, reflected …
A man made whole … new.

* * *

Mouse’s hat, two rays
Beam from over-ear, parting
Shadows at his feet.



Golden light shines through
thinned walls, allowing passage.
Two lovers now dance.




a French verse form of eight lines or sets of lines of 8 or 10 syllables rhyming ababbcbc

Father’s Chamber

There are secrets secreted here
between the books and pages,
behind the tight-shut door, my fear …
memories locked in cages
for ages, it seems, and ages … 
artifacts of failure at love,
the loss of joy … it rages.
No more shall I go above. 


A poem that is made up of a list of words related to a central topic. It can be any length and rhymed or unrhymed.


Father’s Chamber

Nooks of mystery
Crannies of history
A captain’s wheel
A desk, its drawers of letters and notes to self
Gifts displayed (some hidden?)
A pen and paper
And more books
A velvet chair
A game of chess, half-played
A brazier surely
A stash of tea
A favorite cup


Central Park

their shadowy shade
the whispering bench
the turtles 
and birds
in Bank Rock Bay
the Ramble
its cave
its stone steps down




the first letters of each line spell out a particular name, and the poem relates to that character.


The Balcony

From a balcony up eighteen flights,
He beckons her night after night.
Our window Above
Will shelter our love.
Let’s cuddle until it be light.

* * *

A Kiss

Lips parted, he softly did kiss
the strong pulse at the bend of her wrist.
She sighed and she gasped.
The other each then did grasp.
What happened next is too private to list!

* * *


In the mirror, she saw his reflection,
and smiled as she turned his direction.
The phone cord was cut,
The curtains pulled shut.
She’d left nothing to chance or objection!


The Honeymooners

Pascal put his ear to the pipes.
He listened, then blushed and yelped “Yikes!”
The rhythm he heard
Was a love song, not words …
V & C on ascent to new heights!!



He wondered what all he was missing
By not going full on with kissing
Then, facing his fears, 
he said, Catherine, come here!
Now the sunrise, they’re both still dismissing.



A nine-line poem. There are 9 syllables in the first line, 8 in the second, 7 in the third, etc., counting down to 1 in the last line.



Hot-headed and grouchy – it’s an act.
Beneath the gruff, the bearish man,
ungraceful though he be … loves,
simply loves, loves deeply.
Old hurts bred sharp fears.
He snarls them back …
yet he hides
with them


Closing Circle

Come join the circle, you’re one of us …
Could there be sweeter words than these?
Then you took my hand, Father,
and Vincent, you claimed me,
made me family,
ended my search.
I am home.
I know



are written from the point of view of someone or something other than your own – not about the character or object, but as if you are that character or object.


Catherine’s Crystal

I am light 
broken from a celestial throne,
a storm of ice and fire …
borne to earth,
cleaved from it,
more perfect now 
in this home.

* * *

The Broken Headlamp in Vincent’s Room

Don’t throw me away, don’t, please don’t.
I have use in me still. I have …
Polish away the years, the dust of forgotten, the sting of cast-aside.
See me. 
Save me.
Once day, I will return the favor.




is a poem that compares one thing to another with the words ‘like’ or ‘as’.


Her eyes, grey-green and tender as the cushion of moss beneath my cheek …
her loving look touches me, travels me.
I turn to gaze up at stars and wish.



is very similar to haiku, but Tanka poems have more syllables – there are five lines. It uses simile, metaphor and personification and are written about nature, seasons, love, sadness, and other strong emotions.


Under the band shell
A symphony
plays on in my mind
while Catherine, wet with rain,
kisses me soundly.



My nightmare
rushed her in,
the shattered lamp in pieces like my heart.
In the glitter of glass, she brushed clear my path. 




is five lines long. The first line tells who. The second line tells what. The third line tells where. The fourth line tells when. The fifth line tells why.


The Episode: To Reign in Hell

Winslow, his dreams damped down,
championed the love he believed in, nonetheless. Braved danger,
when that love – not his, yet his, his, too – was threatened.
Braved the depths and that bleak darkness
to stand forever, their guardian.

* * *

A righter of wrongs,
Too early and too late
At his desk, in his office
He labors between evil and the innocent



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