April 12th Celebrations

(a collection of images and stories)

Over the years, I’ve made a few anniversary wallpapers, written a story or two finished by the celebration deadline. But like the day lily, they’re short-lived … posted and soon replaced. I thought, this year, I’d bring them together on this page.

I hope you don’t mind the revisiting. This April 12th seemed to arrive suddenly!

Thank you for stopping by today. 🙂

~ Carole W

April 12th celebration. Vincent and Catherine in an embrace on her candlelit balcony. Text reads: April 12th. Love is all you need.
Catherine and Vincent in an embrace. In the background a shadowy remembrance of Vincent saving Catherine in the park. Text reads: It's a time of celebration. I found hope again that night.
C & V in the park at night below a hillside standing together in front of a park bench
A park bench in Central Park with a dedication plate affixed. Text reads: April 12th, I found hope again that night, I found you
Vincent and Catherine dancing, Catherine in a low-backed blue dress. Text reads: Let your courage serves as an inspration to all who climb the highest mountains and crosse the greatest rivers in love's name.
Catherine and Vincent at her threshold, the first time. Text reads: My refuge, my haven in the storm, my sanctuary
Vincent and Catherine having a picnic in Central Park in the spring when the magnolias are in bloom. Text reads: Spring comes on the world. I sight the Aprils, hueless to me until thoug come. Emily Dickinson
April 12th celebrations. Catherine and Vincent gazing into each other's eyes. Text reads: Then ... as now


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