Vincent in his chamber untying the leather laces of his shirt

LOVE … because of it



You may have discovered this image in Vincent’s Chamber this week.

It is, as well, part of the series Love, Because of It.

These pages illustrate Vincent and Catherine’s more intimate time together, measured in a romantic (gauzy but not overly graphic) way, accompanied by a favored poem.

More in that series can be found HERE

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you’ll come back after Winterfest is over! 


I Would Love To Say

by Tyler Knott Gregson

I would sleep with the thought of you,
with the silhouette
of a single memory, with the scent
left hours after you’ve touched me.

I would lose myself in the folds
of your dress, the fabric
of the shirt you wore when you 
fell asleep leaned against
my shoulder. Paint me
in the soft focus fog of your
tenderness, pull me from 

Text reads: Hurry home. There's a Fire. Catherine sitting in front of a lit fireplace, Vincent elsewhere, but in her thoughts, at work, shirtless, wielding a heavy rock hammer.

There’s a fire



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