New Iron/Velvet chapters?!

real-life interference

Vincent working - carrying a large timber, a tool belt on his hips (shirtless)

UPDATE: Chapter 19 is posted as of 3:20 PM, July 3rd!


Those of you looking – in vain, so far – for Chapter 19 must be tapping your foot. Where is it; will it ever be posted?

I’ve been working on the edits, but lately only in my mind. Real-life the past few weeks has not allowed me to focus or to sit at the computer. Nothing is wrong; nothing bad has happened. Just A LOT is going on right now.

With any luck at all, come Wednesday morning, June 23rd, a major “thing” will be over and done with. (We’ve been remodeling a house we own and its sale should close this afternoon (Tuesday, June 22nd). It has proved very time-consuming heretofore and the sales process has been a little irritating. It will be a great weight lifted when it’s “done”. Please cross your fingers for us!

That, plus we’ve had a sudden issue (after all these years of predator-free chicken-keeping) with raccoons! Arthur not included, I’m over them! They’re shifty, scheming, too-smart little things. We’ve had to adjust to their nocturnal, ummm, activities, then adjust again. Hopefully, now, we’re ahead of them, but we’re down 4 chickens.

All that, plus … the garden has needed me all day, many days in a row. I’m a morning writer, but the southern summer heat and humidity make it necessary to be a morning gardener too. Those enjoyments have been warring with each other. I just can’t get going on a chapter if I try to start after noon. Argh. The good news is, though, I’m caught up with the planting and bed renewal now.

I promise to throw myself into Iron/Velvet with new energy asap. Until then, I apologize for the delay and really, really appreciate all the kind inquiries I’ve had for the next installments.

My best,

~ Carole


  1. Ah! Glad to hear the house adventure is at long last behind you. Sorry for the loss of some of your chickens. Raccoons are entirely to smart sometimes!

    Hungry as always to see the returned of these much beloved chapters, but as a writer myself, I know how life and a cantakerous, whimsical, and sometimes completely ABSENT muse can completely stymie the creative process. I was stuck on my Elliott Burch story for YEARS before the inspiration shook itself loose at last and turned into a 55-page monster. And as you know, I’m stuck yet again, although I have some ideas for progress. We’ll see.

    Anything you write for us is a gem, a refreshment, a flower, a balm, a seed, a mystery … a gift.



    • You are so kind, Karen. I’m shifting from preoccupation to focus again, finally, and thank goodness. It’s been two years of remodeling houses, first my daughter’s new house, then after she moved into it, her old one! I’m hoping to use my newly-free time to really get writing again.

      Thank you for your patience and your support. I’m really grateful.

  2. Thanks very much for letting us know.
    It’s great that all your work has been productive, but it sounds very time-consuming and exhausting. I hope things continue to go well.
    And I know that once the new chapters are ready, they will be well worth the wait!

    • Thanks, Linda! It has been really stressful, even more than I realized at the time – I can tell I was really wound up now that I’m not so wound up, if that makes any sense. I spent a lot of nights awake worrying that between accepting an offer and the closing a tree would fall on the house or something equally dreadful would happen. I’d have rather come awake to think about this story and others I want to write!

      I’m trying to free my mind of the preoccupation, but like Vincent in some areas, I am a stubborn worrier. 🙂

      Thank you for coming here to read and for your kind words. You’re so encouraging. 💕

  3. Yea! I’ve been so looking forward to the next chapter. (Glad to hear all is well with you, too). I’ve been meaning to leave a note about how much I enjoy your original characters in this story, especially Martin. And your Joe sub-plot is wonderful!

    • Ellie, thank you so much for reading and for leaving such an encouraging note. It makes such a difference knowing you’re enjoying the story and the subplots and original characters. That makes my heart sing (and makes me want to work harder!) Hugs!


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