CABB’s 34th Anniversary Writing Challenge

CABB's Who Said That Challenge: Father and Catherine pouring over documents with episode titles

Eight new stories published in celebration of the 34th Anniversary of the Pilot episode – hosted at CABB!


This was such a fun challenge! The guidelines were simple: take a line or two from one character’s dialogue and weave a story with a wholly different character speaking those lines. Well, actually, the guidelines were a little more specific than that, which made the challenge even more … challenging!

And I managed to finish a story! It’s an Early-Tunnel-Days story, entitled HomecomingIt’s an adjunct to a bigger story I’ve been working on for a few years now. Writing the new story really inspired me to keep after the parent story. Hopefully it will appear at WFOL 2022. All well wishes and kicks in the shins to do so are welcome!

If you missed the CABB newsletter or the BBTV or Facebook posts, here’s the link to the entire project hosted at CABB:

“Who Said That?” Writing Challenge

The stories are masterful, delightful, and surprising. For more than one, you’ll need a box of tissues, too!



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