Graphic Announcing WFOL 2018 - save the dates: February 3 - 11

WFOL 2018

Save the dates!

February 3 – 11 

Sharing the first Candle Message from your wintercandlemakers

Mark your calendars for the fun and festivities – 9 days of Community and Celebration! Winterfest Online will run from February 3 – 11 this coming year. 

Remember it’s up to us to keep The Dream alive, so every writer, artist, crafter, songster, and poet amongst us must Get Busy and Stay Busy! (I’m kicking my own self into gear, starting … right … now!)

Be watching the main fan sites – and these pages – for upcoming Candles with more information about submissions and Winterfest activities. If you have questions, have an idea, need help or guidance, contact the wintercandlemakers. And until the 2018 countdown clock kicks in, you can still visit last year’s WFOL by clicking here: