Announcing … WINTERFEST 2018!

Mark your calendars for our 15th Winterfest Online celebration – February 3 – 11, 2018. Be there or be square, and in a land of spiral staircases, that would be rough! Don’t miss a day of the fun. 

And remember, we create the dream for each other, so that means we have to get busy and bring to visual or auditory fruition all the ideas we have clamoring for attention. Your fandom family needs you. Needs your vision, your special point of view. Write, draw, sing, craft – as Carrie Newcomer says in a song, the work of our hands (and hearts and minds) is love made visible.

Let’s show each other a whole bunch of love this coming year. What better time than now to begin; what better month than November? We should have our own NaNoWriMo month, call it … InNaTuWoFaWoMo (International Tunnel World Fan Works Month). (And while you’re at it, let your Winterfest creativity  spill over to the Conzine, which needs you too! :-D)

Be watching the major fan sites – and here – for all the coming Candle Messages with more information about submissions and WFOL activities.

A Save the Dates graphic. Text reads: Save the dates February 3 - 11, 2019, WFOL

“We are all part of one another …

one family, one community.”