This year’s Winterfest Creations

wallpapers, poetry challenges, some unbuttoneds

and more!

NYC cityscape at night, candles hanging below and an image of the Winterfest feast table. Text reads: Winterfest - It's our world down here

I really needed this year’s Winterfest. After a year of general anxiety, I loved imagining myself Below with so many friends. You all are such great company. I’m grateful for you!

I didn’t get a story finished in time, but I was able to create quite a few graphics. Some appeared in Vincent’s Chamber along with Lynette’s artwork; some in the Bathing Chamber where there were 25 pieces of art this year! They’ve been added to the Vincent … Unbuttoned and the Love … Because of It projects. They’re linked from the Art page in the navigation bar above. 

I’ve added the Great Hall wallpapers to my Winterfest page here, the poems I managed for the Daily Challenges, and this year’s Father’s Closing Letter. I’m going back in for the drabbles I wrote. They felt like seeds for future stories and I sure don’t want to lose the inspirations! 

Thank you for visiting Imagine That! Thanks to everyone who left a comment on anything here during Winterfest – or any time! It truly matters that you’re here and your words are incredible encouragements.

Now, someone needs to sign up to keep kicking me in the shins to get/stay busy on new projects!

My best,

~ Carole


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