that September night 





30 years ago … tonight.  Thirty years!

I remember that first night as if it happened yesterday. The very next day I went to Circuit City and bought my first VCR. I knew then, immediately, I couldn’t be without entry into this world. I was pretty broke in those days. I had to record 6 episodes on a tape, and I played them over and over. When the reruns came on, I recorded a second set as insurance. I raised my daughter on this story. She used to say she wanted an apartment like Catherine’s, but without the spiders.

I couldn’t know then, so many years ago, that I’d find community with you all, but like Catherine, I found the thing I’d been searching for – a family. Thank you for taking me into this rare and beautiful circle.

My life changed that night and continues to; the gifts of this story, of this world, just keep on giving. Whatever I can do to protect it, to show it love, I will do. 

Wishing you a magical anniversary – 30 years together! We’ve kept – and we will keep – the dream marvelously alive.


“I knew you were close by …”

“I was never giving up.”