Happy Valentine’s Day!


Don’t despair. Winterfest Online may be over, but you can still visit all the chambers and read all the stories and gaze on all the lovely art. You can still wander through the Bathing Chambers … all the way to the very beautiful end (a drawing by Crowmama you really must see). The Round Robin is waiting for you. Make sure you check out the crafts. Really, you should go through each Gallery slowly and determinedly. Don’t miss anything!

But that’s not all that awaits you. CABB is hosting a special Valentine’s Day project. The theme is unique – Give A Little Love to someone other than Vincent and Catherine. The results are a lot of fun!

I even managed a story for it – On The Other Side of This Ragged January – a very distant postscript to Sebastien’s story (Badges of Grief and Patience)  and a more immediate precursor to his storyline in Iron Behind the Velvet. That’s two stories this year so far, short though they be. I hope this is a strong, long wave of productivity I might ride all year! 

I’ll add the new story here in a few days, but do check out the entire project!

“It wasn’t courage, Vincent …

 It was love.”