Vincent in his chamber untying the leather laces of his shirt


shirtless in the tunnels

Shirtless Vincent, donning a red robe wearing just jeans open at the waist. Underwear band bears the brand name "Magnificent"
Shirtless Vincent joyfully climbing a wall, hair flying out
Vincent in an open shirt, pulling back his messy hair from his face
Vincent in a tank top, removing his long sleeved shirt, gazing confidently into the camera
Vincent, shirtless, his hips draped in a towel after a bath
Vincent shirtless holding a heavy hammer, behind him rubble in a tunnel. Text reads: All in a day's work
Vincent, shirtless, looking confidently into the camera
Vincent, shirtless, on his knees in a slightly flooded tunnel, clearing it of broken branches
Vincent asleep under the covers
Shirtless Vincent, donning a red robe wearing just jeans open at the waist. Underwear band bears the brand name "Magnificent"
Shirtless Vincent with a heavy rope around his shoulders, standing in front of a rickety ladder below
Vincent, shirtless, crouched to pick up a barbell
Vincent, shirtless, leaning against an open gate, his magnificent arms above his head.
Vincent, shirtless, arms folded across his chest.
Shirtless Vincent in sweat pants hoisting a heavy burlap bag of something on his shoulder. He's looking into the camera like "it's nothing".
Vincent, shirtless, with a tool belt draped over his shoulder.
Vincent, shirtless, hoisting a heavy beam
Vincent, shirtless, Catherine behind him, her hand in his hair and her chin on his shoulder.
Vincent wearing a tank top and jeans
Vincent, shirtless, looking pretty sultry.
Vincent shirtless with a towel around his neck
Shirtless Vincent either donning or taking off his new leather jacket
B/W drawing technique - V (shirtless) washing his face. In the background, inside a deeper bathing chamber, C awaits
Vincent shirtless, carrying a hammer, standing on a rock in a deep cavern
Vincent shirtless, wearing jeans. Text reads: It is easy to work when the soul is at play (Emily Dickinson)
V (shirtless) in a warrior's kilt and holding a white rose stands at the bottom of a ladder. Text reads: Where love waits.


  1. Oh! There are more! (But where is Cuculhainn? I’m lost.)
    I like one in the blue sheets, and the last two, best.
    The last one, the copper-golden one, looks very Dürer or Italian Renaissance to me. Is there any foundation to that feeling?

  2. The last three were posted for last year’s Winterfest (2018) when I began the Shirtless/Unbuttoned project here on the new website. Some of the others appeared in different, earlier WFOL projects, and the blue sheets one was from the old Imagine site on Blogger.

    I have to admit to not enough art appreciation knowledge to say I was aiming for Italian Renaissance on purpose. More, I’ve absorbed emotional images as I’ve gone along in life and then lucked up on a similarity when I was fooling around in photoshop. 🙂

  3. And you’re a little lost because I gave you the link to the non-WFOL 2019 Unbuttoned images, so you clicked away from Cuculhainn. 😉 And I didn’t give you a way back because the WFOL postings aren’t part of the normal pages yet.

  4. Thanks, makes sense 🙂

  5. Well, you’ve certainly outdone yourself here! And I’m so glad!!
    This gives a whole new meaning to “work of art”!

    • Thank you, Linda! He is a beauty, inside and out. I’m glad to read you enjoyed these creations!

    • Hi, Kim. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, even if the Shirtless in the Tunnels series is not your cup of tea.

      I did make the project an “extra click” on the art page so folks who’d prefer images of just the Vincent we saw in the show wouldn’t be surprised. And The “Love, Because Of It” project as well came with an extra click and a warning. Maybe – hopefully – the general wallpapers on the main Art page and the Winterfest wallpapers might be more pleasing if you should come back again.

      Still, thank you for visiting.

      Carole W


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