On Imagine That's Home page, there is an image with a quotation from Percy Bysshe Shelley. What is the title of the poem from which the lines are taken?

One of my Character Study fan fics is captioned and summarized as *a childhood story*. What is the title of that story?

If you listen closely to the episodes, you can catch some interesting asides. In Labyrinths, for example, Vincent's bed squeaks when he sits on it. That squeak inspired a story. What is its title?

One of my Episode Expansions is titled Residuum. Which episode does that story follow?

On the Art page, the featured wallpaper (the big one at the top) includes a quote from a famous poet: *A marvel and a secret–Be it so.* What is that poet's name?

For one Winterfest a while back I created a Word Art poster. What two words on that poster appear to emit a kind of light?

I've written very few poems outside the Daily Challenges at WFOL (which I hope you're writing for too!) - only four, and it's been a while! In what year did I write *The Year, Kindly Passed* as part of Winterfest Online's Opening Ceremonies?

I'm honored to host two volumes of the *A Day in the Life* project, a collaboration of 10 authors altogether. In Volume 2, who wrote *Ellie's Story*?

In the collaboration *A Day in the Life - Volume 1*, who wrote *Father's Story* (and Mary's!)?