Beyond the Stained Glass



Author’s note: Written first for the 100-word challenge at Batbland – Of Love and Gratitude, 2012. The exercise was to begin with the words “Thank you (Vincent or Catherine)” and end with the word “Love”. This version is slightly tweaked from the original to better fit the Beyond the Stained Glass arc, and is both sequel to Everything Is Waiting For You and a foreshadowing of a lake-story to come.

Thank you, Vincent.

Perched on the edge of the wooden dock, she swung her booted feet back and forth well above the still-cold water. Beside her, he sat with one knee drawn up. Birds swooped black against the lavender and gray-rose sky. Beyond the trees, the sun crouched, ruddy with satisfaction. The first breeze of evening excited the mirror surface of the lake.


“For waking me.”

He might have said, “We’ve been up for hours.” He might have said, “But, Catherine, you kissed me awake this morning. But he didn’t. He simply looked at her … with love.



The next story in the Beyond the Stained Glass arc is You Arrive In the Flower and the Water                 



  1. I just come upon this arc of stories. Very beautiful and warms the heart. I actually get lost between fiction and reality with Vincent and Catherine, still to this day its everything to me
    With Love all things are possible

    • Thank you, Karen! You’ve made my day – I’m so glad you found my chamber in the tunnels, so glad to know you’re reading, and very glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the stories. Your kind words mean so much. I hope you’ll come back!

      My best,


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