Post-Winterfest Projects

Keeping the Dream Alive 

and my spirits up!

A candle burning, a scene of Winterfest in the background. Text reads: Winterfest: When we look into the heart, may our eyes have the kindness and reverence of candlelight. John O'Donohue

Wow! This last Winterfest was such an inspiration. So many fans contributed stories and art and recordings! I’m still reading and will be for quite a while.

I was stunned by how quickly the 9 days of Winterfest passed by. The magic of those days together really buoyed me, and I haven’t lost the warm feeling. Thank you, everyone! I needed you.

So I’m diving in and buckling down, and every day possible, I’m going to be working. There are challenges in the works, another collaboration coming up, April 12th to create something for. Before we know it, it’ll be time to get those WFOL 2022 projects going.

I’m back to work on this year’s deadline-missing Bringing the Light (the unfinished story does have a title). Thankfully, I’m many pages farther along on it than I was. And I’m editing and posting chapters of Iron Behind the Velvet. (Chapter 10 went up today.) If you missed them in the Bathing Chamber, there are new graphics added to the Love … Because of It project and to the Vincent … Unbuttoned page. I’ll transfer the Great Hall wallpapers here this coming week, Father’s Closing Letter as well.

I’m so very grateful to everyone who visits Imagine That and for the kind words some of you shared in comments. I can’t adequately express how encouraging it is to have you here.