The New Year Begins

A Celebration Wallpaper

at midnight 2018/2019

What will the new year bring? For Catherine and Vincent, something worth smiling about, right?!

I’m hoping for … finishing Iron Behind the Velvet! But also the satisfaction of my muse who has whispered a half-dozen stories in my ear, but who grows dissatisfied with my slow follow-through. My goal, then, is to submit at least one new story to WFOL. That and some chocolate might appease her. After that, though, I promise you’ll see the reappearance of the 72 written and edited chapters of Iron/Velvet and the final 10 – 12 chapters of the story.

I read an article that encourages goals rather than New Year’s resolutions, resolutions being too easily broken and cast aside in a heap of failures. Goals, though, are aims; the journey toward them begins with the proverbial first step. And just that first step taken is a success. So today is a day of list-making, of goal-posts lettered and flagged. Tomorrow, then, will be the second step. I’m feeling successful already!