the last chapter of Great Expectations



But Catherine fell asleep waiting! 

You’d think I’ve been asleep too, Rip Van Winkle-asleep at the wheel (or the computer desk), not writing, not writing, waking to write a very little, but then trashing everything … not writing some more.

I haven’t really been sitting on my hands – I’ve made several wallpapers, a few pieces of BatB-themed stained glass, even tried my hesitant hand at drawing Vincent – but I’m terrifically aware I’ve left my long work in slow-progress, Iron Behind the Velvet, to languish for two years.  Vincent (soaking some of his cares away in a steam pool) is a prune by now, and Catherine, in Eimear’s office helping, having refused Zivah’s offer of the school’s lunch, must be starving (if anyone at all remembers where the story left off!)  It’s time things got moving again.

While Iron Behind the Velvet isn’t posted yet (78 chapters written – not enough time to get them up and still make this deadline!), The Thing With Feathers is back, revised to better fit the Beyond the Stained Glass arc. Also, there’ve been a few tweaks to I Carry Your Heart, mostly the Flynn-centered moments.

Thank you all who’ve offered such kind encouragement, even concern, over the no-writing months. During this quiet time, I committed to losing weight, and to break the snacking-while-trying-to-write habit I realized I’d developed, I found I had to get out of the computer chair and stay out of it for a while. But, happily, I was successful at weight loss, and I feel ready again … ready, willing, and I hope still able to write – and write hard.

All along, I was thinking on Iron/Velvet, and I have a list of other story ideas that came to me during my writing hiatus. A different site seemed necessary, seemed … first … and now that I have this new library chamber all outfitted, I should be putting more ‘books on the shelves’.

I can tell you the next chapter of Iron Behind the Velvet has a title:

Chapter 79 ~ Into The Darkness They Go, the Wise and the Lovely

It’s a start … and a promise.

More soon!