Extraordinary Voices ~ 10 new stories!

An April 12th Anniversary Challenge

hosted by CABB (Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast)

Extraordinary Voices graphic: Pascal listening to the pipes with a stethoscope, Vincent in the background grinning

Happy April 12th, everyone! I’m even more glad than usual for the coming ’round of this special day – it’s a good reminder that Hope exists, even within dark times. As Father said, all winters end. YAY!!

What better way to celebrate than brewing up a cup of tea and settling in with ten new fan fics to read? This challenge was fun to write for and it’s great fun to read. All the stories are unique – they have to be, given the nature of the challenge! These are Point of View stories, told from the perspective of Father’s Teacup, The Abyss, Mouse’s Lava Lamp, a Winterfest Candle, and more. (My submission is told in the voice of the Crystal Cavern.)

Here’s the link to the first CABB Challenge of 2021 – and there will be more, a new one every two months! (YAY again!) I hope you’ll head over to CABB right now and get started.

If you can, please let the authors know you read their stories. That encouragement is the best way to ensure you’ll have more fanfic to read in the future.

~ Carole

Extraordinary Voices Challenge


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