A Chapter 44 Do-over do-over!


OMG, typos. And some  *What was I thinking?* fixes

Vincent working - carrying a large timber, a tool belt on his hips (shirtless)

Sometimes you have to tweak. And then tweak some more.

I posted Chapter 44 last Friday, but very early morning Monday, I came awake to what seemed like neon sign pointing to a bothersome sentence I’d included in this re-edit of the chapter. So bothersome, I never really went back to sleep. Fixing that was a priority, almost as important as having coffee.

But once in edit-again mode, it was easy to slip right in to do-over again mode. I read through the whole chapter and made some changes. Plus … argh … the punctuation typos. I’m sure they’re all over these stories. I’ll have to read them all again, hunting for them.

But not right now.

I’m getting to my favorite part of this story, the part where the action speeds up a bit. I hope my posting of chapters speeds up a bit too. I have several BatB irons in the fire, but I see light at the end of one of those tunnels, anyway. (Be watching April 12th for some news of that!)

Thank you to everyone reading Iron Behind the Velvet. Knowing you’re there makes me want to get this as right as I can. (So, maybe read this one again if you have already? I know the changes aren’t major, but … 🙂 )

More soon,

~ Carole


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