With love, all things are possible

keep that dream alive!



Tunnel-wide, we’re all whipping out our calendars, noting the submissions deadline date, and getting started on our projects, right?!?

There’s plenty of time to get that short story or poem or essay polished up, that drawing shaded and cross-hatched. Maybe (if you’re a faster writer than I am) time write the Great Under-city BatB Novel, time enough to compose an epic poem or paint a great mural on the brick wall of a building’s basement.

But remember, only we can create these dreams for each other. Your fandom family anxiously awaits!


Every contributor who submits by March 15th will receive an Early Bird Prize in the mail.

And if your contribution will be your first anywhere, ever, we have special plans for your work and for you! The 2018 issue will feature all our new writers and artists in a First-Time section, and every First-Timer will receive a gift, a thank-you for facing any fears you might have, for crossing that threshold. Your enthusiasms and unique visions are more than welcome – they’re necessary.

Have you posted stories or art online, but never before contributed to a conzine? Then you’re considered a First-Timer too! Alert me to your status when you send in your work.

The conzine guidelines are posted at Batbland: HERE.

I’m the editor and producer of next year’s conzine, so if you have questions or need some help, please get in touch with me: anothertime44 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

I’m already watching my email for the Extra-Early-Birds! 😀

Carole W

(starting NOW to work on a little something or two for the conzine!)