for the 2018 BatB Convention

to be auctioned  for the benefit of the con charity

Pat, our 2018 Convention Con Chair, asked fans to sign up to create table decorations. SandyX and I promised to make a stained glass something centerpiece-y. We’ll be sharing the design before the con, though the finished creation will be a surprise for the con goers. (Afterwards, we’ll share the creation process photos.)

Right now, we’re still considering, but we can tell you there will be crystals and roses and a nighttime skyline involved. 🙂

All the centerpieces – 10 tables worth! – will be included in the art auction. Here’s the list of everyone making decorations:  Table Decorations.  And until we can show you more, here’s a photo of our worktable.

a photograph of my stained glass work table