The Candles Have Arrived!

What are you working on? 

We create the dreams for each other … and each of us is necessary! 

Winterfest Online is a potluck. The treasures we’ll find there are our doing. There’s still time to create something … anything … In fact, you can submit your creations all the way through the celebration, up until February 10!

Do you have a fan site where you’d be willing to divise and host a game or activity for the Treasure Hunt? (It’s one of the most popular events at WFOL, but we can’t have one if we don’t have destination sites.) If you’re interested, let the candlemakers know you’re “in”.

We’re all eager for the Great Hall to open. But meanwhile – we can knock at the door. (What if Vincent answered?!)

Great Hall Doors

You can find the submission guidelines and the submission entry form at the link above as well. Any questions, just email the candlemakers.