Happy  September 25th!

35 Years Ago … tonight

I remember that Friday night in 1987 in such detail … what I was doing (washing dishes), the little black and white tv I used in the kitchen, one left from my college dorm days, how mid-pots and pans, when Vincent first entered the scene, I left everything in the sudsy sink to run to the living room and snap on the color television, thinking as I hurried, “What IS this?” Every fairy-tale bell was ringing in my mind; my heart was truly racing. The next day I bought my first VCR. I wouldn’t be “without” this show again.

I was alone in my house that evening with my two-year-old, never suspecting I’d be going through marriage-wise what I’d soon experience. This show saved me, companioned me during some very difficult days, showed me a way out of loneliness … Helped me believe in love again. And eventually led me to a community of incredibly wonderful and necessary friends.

It’s a honor to be part of this fandom family. I hope my stories convey the gratitude and joy I feel for being here.

CABB today is hosting a special Anniversary Celebration – a new set of Challenge stories and art. (I submitted one myself! In time, if just barely!) You’re welcome to download the wallpaper I made for the project if you’d like.

Homecoming – CABB’s September Anniversary Challenge

Be well, enjoy all the festivities! And remember love.

~ Carole

Vincent and Catherine in the sunshine. Text reads: Better than a dream. 35 years ago ... tonight.